ES Sessions - Bronte Eve

We are excited to introduce to you our first ES Sessions artist, Bronte Eve!

I was introduced to Bronte's music by a friend and I was captivated instantly
by her deep raspy voice and poetic lyrics. Based in Northern NSW, Bronte is quickly making a name for herself in the local music scene, so when she agreed to come and perform for us, we were beyond excited!

Her performance left me in complete awe. Especially when she performed her original song, 'Mess I Made' which she has recently released on Spotify. It was hard for me to take my eyes off her as she bared her soul and let her unique voice fill the space with emotion and raw talent. Listen below to see how truly incredible she really is....

She also preformed a stripped back cover of Sonny by Bobby Hebb,
which you can see at the end of the page.

In your own words, please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I am a performing singer-songwriter from the northern rivers, my style is neo-soul with edgy influences. I am a young female with a heart bigger then my brain trying to find ways to get it out for the pleasure of others.

Describe the collection in 3 words.

Edgy, Exciting & Versatile

What is your favourite ES Piece and why?
This is hard, they all surprised me in the way they were versatile, simple yet different but I would have to say the Rogue Tank Top! It was just so unique but easy to wear for all occasions

How would you wear your favourite piece to work with your own personal style?
I would defiantly piece the Rogue Tank Top with some Leather pants or Cheetah flares, some cowboy boots, or chunky docs, and I’m ready to hit the stage or supermarket.

Bronte wears the Rogue Tank Top and Rebel Pants
Bronte wears the Rogue Tank Top and Rebel Pants

How would you describe your fashion style?

I would say, lets put as many pieces as possible together that will make me feel like a Rockstar in the 70s, Hollywood actress in the 50s or Destiny’s child 4th member- chic. I take a lot of inspiration from old celebrities MTV looks, the fun casual quirkiness of them, I like to experiment with new things!

Why you do love fashion?

It’s my way to express who I am before people can decide for themselves, I can change how I walk through each day with my style, if I’m running around with a lot of errands to do ill wear some baggy jeans and sneakers but if I’m going to some live music, flares and my high knee platforms give me the excitement and confidence to emerge myself in my experiences

What do you value and look for when buying clothing?
Quality is pretty important to me, I'd rather buy one good top for more $$$ then a bunch of tops for $, I am always trying to shop sustainable as much as possible, its important that the money I am spending is going to equal wages and small business as I understand as a upcoming creative myself.

What’s your go to item of clothing?

My favourite band T or a quality singlet

Bronte Eve Wears Rogue Mini Dress

Who/What inspired you to make music?

Many things, I grew up dancing so music and expressing my creativity was always something in my nature. Specifically, I listen to a lot of powerhouse female singers growing up from SIA, Angie Stone, Lauryn Hill and Donna Missal, women who sang with grit and emotion.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Its very singer-songwriter as I am usually telling a story but I am a theater kid, so the dramatics of singing is my favourite part. I would say to be specific it would be Soul music. Although I’m always interested in venturing down new avenues like Punk and Hip hop

What is your creative process like?

Usually, it stems from a bit of a breakdown or a tough place, it’s my therapy. Creating for me is very natural. I usually start with chords on my guitar or piano then from there I just sing and record and configure what my heart wants to say.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Hands down, Donna Missal, she is my biggest inspiration not only musically but her whole aesthetic

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Hell yeh I do, it’s not usually a song I want to sing, it’s probably like some very lame pop song or Whitney Houston, the acoustics mean big performance! lmao

What is your favourite song at the moment?

“Use Me” by Bill Withers, I’ve been learning it on bass, it’s a time

What song/songs do you listen to when you’ve had a bad day?

Lots of SIA, usually her song “don’t bring me down” or “lover, please stay” by Nothing But Thieves

What song/songs always lift your mood?

“Wish I Didn’t Miss You “ Angie Stone or “Dancing in the Moonlight” Thin Lizzy cover

Do you have any other talents we should know about?

I grew up dancing so that is something that I use to do a lot, I don’t compete anymore. I also surf but recently have picked up roller-skating, I got to skate parks and do all sort of tricks, it’s something id love to spend a lot more of my time doing.

What is the most useless talent you have?

I went to circus school and can juggle plates, it’s not what you think and really, I can only juggle plastic plates, it is very pointless.

Bronte Wears the Rogue Mini Dress in Merlot
Bronte wears the Rogue Mini Dress in Merlot

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Id like to think I get into trouble and that I’m a “bad ass” but let’s be fair, I like to please everyone. It probably the same old story as everyone else, I’ve been in trouble for sneaking out 1-2 times growing up, not fun!

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

My parents are saints when it comes to mantras and giving me advice, thank god for them. My mother use to always say to me that people are for a reason, as seasons or a lifetime and either way it’s never a mistake having someone in your life.

What do you love most about the Australian Creative industry, notably your local industry?

Its very friendly! You can always hit up a local artist or chat with them at shows about anything, I’ve met so many kind people in the industry who have helped with opportunities, its very welcoming and we encourage many people to come join us!

If you could change anything about the creative industry, what would it be?

I wish it were more inclusive of women sometimes, rarely am I seeing women at the sound desk or in the recording studio, and usually I feel like I must put on a more masculine front to be heard or respected when asking for help or making decisions.

I think this is prevalent in all creative industries, Although I do believe we are getting to a much more inclusive place. I want to be vulnerable and not made to feel too emotional or god forbid if I want my hair and makeup done before a show labelled as a “diva”, I bare my whole heart on a stage and some days I may not want to but it is my job, that understanding I think is something most creatives agree on, just because I look I got my shit together, doesn’t mean I lost the ability to need help. I want to be respected for being both soft and feminine while simultaneously being strong and assertive. I am very thankful for the amazing men and women I have met in the industry, they’re bad parts to everything and a big reason for me pursuing music is to rework these avenues and stand for something.

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And special mention to John for his performance - @johnfinkel_

John Playing Keyboard for ES Sessions

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